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Frequently Asked Questions

Find all answers to your questions onour extensive FAQ page. If you cannot find the appropriate answer; do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Can I buy extra IPs for my DDoS protection?

Yes, we provide additional IP’s at €2 per IP per month. You can order additional IP’s by opening a support ticket.

Will there be extra latency using proxy protection?

As with any DDoS Protection service, latency gets added to the connection path. Although latency is added, this should not impact the working of your application. In case you want optimal connectivity without any delays (latency sensitive gaming, financial trading) you can choose for our VPS or Dedicated servers.

Is there a way to test your DDoS protection services?

Sure, we will be glad to set up a test IP for you so you can check our services. Please open a ticket with our support team. Also, if for any reason we cannot solve your DDoS problems we will be glad to refund you within 14 days of purchase.

What is a DDoS protected proxy?

A DDoS Protected Proxy routes your traffic through our DDoS Protection infrastructure and hides you server’s IP. This way we absorb all the DDoS attacks on our systems without exposing your servers to malicious traffic. This is a very effective way of protecting against DDoS, without switching servers or difficult configuration.

What happens in the event of abuse reports?

We will notify you, the client about the report and you have 24 hours to take appropriate action. If the abuse is not ceased, we take action by suspending or terminating your service.

What is a real IP or destination IP?

This is the IP address of the server your application is currently hosted on. You will need this to complete the order and we need this to route the traffic to the correct destination.

How is traffic calculated on my DDoS protection package?

Traffic is accounted in both directions, incoming and outgoing. If you download 200GB through our proxy, you will be accounted 400GB.

Why was my order blocked / marked as fraud?

It could be your order has been flagged by our anti fraud system for manual review. Our support team will do the best to set your service up as soon as possible once we clear fraud checking procedure.

How many domains can I protect per DDoS protection plan?

You can protect unlimited amount of domains, as long they share the same server / IP.

What is a DDoS Protected IP?

A DDoS Protected IP is the IP provided by us that you need to use to update your domain records and connection parameters in your application. This IP is the replacement for your old, real IP and will filter all incoming DDoS traffic.

What kinds of attacks can you block?

We can protect Layer 4 attacks (UDP, TCP, SSYN, Reflection floods, …) and Layer 7 attacks (HTTP Flood, Slowloris, RUDY, …). Daily our engineers are working to protect new attack types and usually most attack vectors are already covered by our systems.